About Mixed Media vs. Reproductions

The Mixed Media price point allows the art to be customized beyond the standard sizes. The art can be re-sized to fit a client's project-specific dimensions. Each Mixed Media is printed using water-based inks, allowing for additional paint and/or texture, to be added to the giclée canvas prior to varnishing. 

All Mixed Medias are signed and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. 

Artist's note: "Mixed Medias are embellished based on the characteristics inherent to my original work. I generally do not paint with heavy texture or heavy layers. My work appears quite flat naturally. When I embellish the Mixed Media, I mimic the nuances of the original work." 

-Carol Benson-Cobb

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Reproductions are printed using solvent ink technology. Unlike the water-based inks, the reproductions are sealed at the time of printing. Solvent reproductions are a durable option and present the opportunity to acquire the artist’s work at an accessible price point. Sizes are limited to the standard options.

Samples of both canvas options are available.