I am an abstract artist known for my large-scale ethereal paintings. My work reflects a feeling created within a color palette with an emphasis on the way colors layer and affect one another. My vision is to create a mood within the art, adding a hint of a landscape or focal point usually evoking a feeling of fluidity and emotion. My intentions are never to fully define a scene... but to lead viewers to the use of their own imagination and life experiences to fill in the gaps. I am fortunate in that my love is to paint for spaces, not just for what I was inspired to paint, but how it needs to feel for a client to be able to live and fall in love with a piece.

My first creative memories are of playing in the mud as a young child. We grew up surrounded by nature, barefoot, and usually on a horse's back. That freedom to explore and be curious at a young age played a significant role in how I approached and viewed the world. With an entrepreneurial spirit, I was painting rock star portraits for school mates by the age of fifteen. That early exposure sparked a drive and connection that would continue to evolve.

Through trial and error I fell in love with the abstract. I loved the feeling I could create as paint was layered onto the canvas. As my work expanded, so did my need for a bigger studio space. The timing aligned with a friend's need to move back to Europe. I inherited a writing studio in the high deserts of Arizona. A modest guest house served as my first real studio, perched on the edge of a canyon, literally. It was a life changing environment that triggered a creative tsunami. Over the course of several years I developed my work, surrounded by endless inspiration.

In 2006 I relocated back to Dallas, Texas with a large portfolio and a drive to succeed. The move prompted a chain of events, including learning to print my own giclées. Printing and producing my own work with a gallery-quality mindset is ultimately what scaled my art business and set my work apart.

By 2011, my original art was featured in Holly Hunt showrooms and my first collection of reproductions were launched within the luxury markets. The business continued to carve it's own path, growing year over year and expanding into licensing with key partnerships.

My husband and I have spent years fine-tuning and scaling the art business. With the help of my incredible team (including my adult children), I am able to focus more and more on my original work. I have traded the canyon studio for a legit tree house in Oak Cliff where I continue to be inspired by the soft horizons and nature's unique formations.

Our Team

Each artwork is hand-crafted. Our processes are tried and true with years of experience producing gallery-quality work.  The Dallas gallery & production studio houses our printing department and production team. The creative combination allows a unique, hands-on environment.