The Artwork + Options

The Creative Process


The Original Painting...

All of Benson-Cobb's artwork begins as an original (there is only one). Most originals are created with acrylic paint on canvas or board. When available, original paintings are offered for sale through the artist's studio.


Digitizing + Final Proofs 

The original painting is digitally captured, test prints are ran several times for color adjustments and artist approval. 


A-Z Catalog

The artwork is cataloged and offered with standard size options based on the final artist's proofs. 


Original Artwork | There is only one...

Benson-Cobb's original artwork is generally large-scale paintings on canvas or board. Her layering techniques create a feeling of depth and fluid movement, smooth in texture. Commissioned work is welcomed. Originals are sold directly from the studio. 


The Mixed Media Canvas 

Although the term “mixed media” is generally used to describe artworks composed of a combination of different media and materials, Carol Benson-Cobb has embraced the term to categorize her custom, embellished works. The combination of materials used is the artist’s own original painting, reproduced as a giclée canvas using gallery quality, water-based inks, with additional paint layers inherent to the original work. The term perfectly describes the process for buyers.
The benefits of Mixed Media Originals (MMO) for the buyer is the unique range of sizes available, including diptychs or triptychs. Each Mixed Media Original is a one-of-a-kind version of the original artwork, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Canvas Reproductions

Benson-Cobb’s studio offers a range of reproductions, more limited in size and style options, printed using solvent ink technology. The solvent canvas is very durable, and the ink is sealed at the time of printing. The reproductions present the opportunity to acquire the artist’s work at an accessible price point.


Archival Collections

Hand-Torn Paper: In addition to her original artwork and Mixed Media Originals, Benson-Cobb also works with cold-press paper prints that are hand-torn for an irregular edge. The paper print is floated on a linen mat board, initialed and mounted under 1/8” clear acrylic.

Archival Linen: The artwork is digitally printed on linen, hand-washed and frayed, mounted on linen mat board, and framed under 1/8" clear acrylic. The end result is a museum quality textile. Each artwork is uniquely one-of-a-kind and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. Archival linens are listed as they become available.


Made to Order


Select Artwork + Canvas Type

Select the canvas type.
All paintings are available as a signed, Mixed Media option. Some works may be available as a reproduction in limited sizes. 


Select Size

Choose your size and orientation, Additional custom sizing is available on Mixed Medias, email the studio for a custom quote. Digital mock-ups are available. 


Select Frame Finish

All canvases are framed with our signature thin profile, adding a shadow and depth to the canvas. Choose from our frame finishes. 

Champagne Gold


Sterling Silver


Newport White


2021 Look Book 

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