Allison Janney

Project Date: 2020
Celebrity I.O.U. Season 2 | Episode 2

Actress Allison Janney teamed up with Jonathan and Drew Scott to give back to her assistant and close friend of 20 years, Ilana. They flipped her kitchen and dining room to create a stylish and functional space to cook and entertain.

The living space is a cool palette balanced with a range of deep blues, grays, and greens. The large diptych was customized in size to create a serious backdrop and focal wall. The tones are an immediate mood changer...

Mesa is featured in a diptych canvas,  framed in ebony. The range of green tones brightens and adds a contrast to the darker tones found in the furniture pieces. 

Seascape  in a 60x45" canvas, framed in a natural finish pulls the casual nook together. 

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