Property Brothers Celebrity I.O.U. Season 3 features a custom 44x100" diptych canvas created for Howie Mandel's manager and friend. The dramatic charcoals create contrast and a focal point for the living room.



Epsiode air date April 25th, 2022

Benson-Cobb's custom 'Shallow in Charcoal' is featured in the latest Celebrity I.O.U. reveal. The massive 40x100" canvas diptych was created to provide a dramatic roll in Howie Mandel's project.

Benson-Cobb developed the custom work based on the concept boards provided by the design team. The process begins with a shared goal of mood and color palettes. The team selected Shallow in Charcoal for a maximum impact in the living room.

The canvas artwork is printed, hand-stretched and framed.

The final 40x100" diptych prior to shipping, framed in ebony.

Shallow in Charcoal

The canvas has deep layers of charcoal and blacks. The composition is from an original painting, Shallow. The color adaptation has quickly become a top selling work with luxury retailer Neiman Marcus slated to sell 'Shallow in Charcoal' in a smaller diptych canvas option.

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