The Installations

The final installs show the diversity of our clients and range of the projects. It's been a crazy ride...Here's a few of our favorites!



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Margo + Me

Many times I am oblivious to media. Case in point...this most awesome installation of Driven Textile No. 1 in an acrylic frame, just casually hanging out in the New York apartment of Jenny and Freddy...the creative couple behind the fashion blog Margo + Me. As if I know them, right?  

Read the full article by Williams-Sonoma Home.   

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Final Install

Final Install

We pulled an all nighter, but so worth experiencing the final installation. Stop by Energy Square to see the installs in person if your in our neck of the woods! Energy Square will be hosting a series of media events + reveal celebrations October 30th. 

Adrift No. 2 hangs in the lobby of Building 1. Sanctioned No. 2 in a 8'x4.5' mixed media canvas hangs in the same general area. 

Watch the short video for a glimpse into the entire process. 



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Adrift No. 2 Mixed Media + Energy Square

We have had the pleasure of working on a local project this past month that really stretched my mixed media concept...literally.... Adrift No. 2 will be installed in a large scale mixed media canvas spanning 12'x15'. Mixed media canvas basically gives the client and myself a template of the final painting. This is a record size for not only Adrift No. 2 but for a mixed media request. The canvas painting is divided into six 48x90" canvases,  then joined together tightly to appear as one large installation. This really helped to make it manageable to not only get through doors and install, but for me to add the additional paint in the studio. I am really excited about working in our own back yard and even more excited to see this project completed. 

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Glimpse + Too Faced

 Modern Luxury | July/ August 2019

Glimpse install shot via Modern Luxury's interview with Too Faced founders. Click on the image to read the article. 



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Well Hello Lady Bird...

It's always a thrill to see the art on random commercials and movies. Lady Bird, aka Tranquil Textile (renamed after being used on the set of the movie Lady Bird)  has seen some recent screen time with Nicole Kidman. The canvas artwork lingers in the background in this scene of Big Little Lies. 





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Project Property Brothers + Benson-Cobb

We get to do some incredible projects, usually only seeing the final results on social media install shots. It is quite humbling to work with such talented designers... With that, we also get to do some crazy in point: Property Brothers Buying + Selling. 

When "The Boys" first came to us we were like "huh"? Then we realize it is a game of sourcing for the show and I think most companies tend to reluctantly lend product…well, give never see it again. You may get a little shout out here and there on social media and on the HGTV website but It costs companies time and money for little in return. We look at it a little different than some. It is almost a much needed work out intended to stretch our muscles both creatively and manufacturing wise.

The deadlines are brutal... "hey, can you ship all custom pieces for this episode install in like 5 days?" is usually how they roll.  I have found it to be a challenge, meaning I am an over achiever...meaning we play the game to win. I create, we build, we ship....and bam, we hit the install date! I'm not sports in general,  but I do believe it strikes a competitive nerve. 

The funniest part is the look on my team's faces when we get an episode request. The irony, I don't think I have caught one show until a few nights ago. I realize there is this "thing" called On can actually watch anything ...anytime. I discovered it last night and watched my first episode. Season 7 episode 17, bless this poor guy's heart for getting rid of those bookcases...


Haze No. I + Haze No. II on canvas in our sterling float frames. 


Custom Balance Textile canvases in ebony float frames.


Echo - hand-torn paper (right) 

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Art + Movies


It just happens...the art shows up in a lot of unexpected places. Over the years we have signed off on several movie releases from Serenity (being shredded into pieces by squirrels) in Alvin & The Chipmunks Road Chip to Driven in The Accountant, staring Ben Affleck.  Apparently the art looks good on camera...


Canyon's Edge canvas in a 72x24" is hanging out behind Jennifer Garner for quite a while in Love Simon. 

 In one rare binge watching week we decided to catch up on all of the Academy Award nominees...and there it was. There is usually such a delay from signing art releases to the movies actually coming out...we scrambled through releases I signed and there it was, Lady Bird! The canvas was properly renamed after the movie. Ironically or maybe they selected it on purpose...the artwork does have a bit of a bird image within the textile design.  


 The Accountant with Ben Affleck is probably my most exciting so have Driven hang in the same movie that Jackson Pollock is referenced, honored to say the least. Watch for the diptych in John Lithgow's modern home. 


 We of course can't forget the shredding of "Serenity" in Alvin + the Chipmunks...

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Steph Curry by way of Williams-Sonoma Home

Williams-Sonoma Home first sampled my works back in 2014. I struggled quite a bit with the notion of selling to the large retailers. I have gone with my gut in most of my decisions...sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn't. This particular decision has turned out to be one of my better choices. I think the knee jerk reaction of most people is "how could I not sell to them"? I look at my artwork as both an artist and as a business.

As an artist, you are always walking on the proverbial eggshells of protecting the value of your work. You have to consider the long haul and how to have longevity. Selling to large companies and to the masses can be the kiss of death to an artist in the traditional art world...well, luckily...I never was in the traditional art world, so I had that going for me.

As an "artist in business"  my gut told me "hey,  I love Williams-Sonoma and...I shop there!" Being buyer friendly can go a long way. I think selling in the traditional art world can exclude buyers and artists in a way that is quite intimidating. 

On that note...Steph Curry's home was featured by Williams-Sonoma Home in print and social media. Better Homes & Garden also featured the home with several pieces lurking in the background. I am sure I am going to hear about this next comment... so feel my hesitation for blogging, sorry in advance...I had no idea who Steph Curry was at the time. Did I mention I am an artist and a workaholic who does not follow sports? 

Williams-Sonoma Home currently carries a selection of canvas as well as matted prints. 



Visit Williams-Sonoma Home | reproduction canvas: Driven Textile No. 1 


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