Rainn Wilson

Project Date: 2020
Celebrity I.O.U. Season 2 | Season finale

The actor, known for his beloved role as Dwight Schrute on “The Office”, joins HGTV superstars Drew and Jonathan Scott to completely renovate his son’s former nanny’s home as a thank you for all of her hard work and dedication.

The process for sourcing the artwork for Rainn's episode started with a project board from the design team several months prior to shooting. The team makes decisions based on their final project details, such as final floor finishes and furniture.  Several paintings were considered for the living area, Surfaced, with layers in olive green and grays, was selected after finalizing the accent furniture.

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Artwork: Surfaced

Surfaced is featured in a 60x45' canvas, framed in ebony. The range of olive and gray tones adds interest and texture. The focal wall draws the eye through the room. 

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Artwork: Slated

Slated  in a custom 20x50" diptych, framed in ebony. The custom diptych adds a layer of sophistication to the dining area, sized to maximize the impact.