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Benson-Cobb is known for her ability to customize artwork. The interior designer plays an important roll for both an artist and end user in the process of selecting and finalizing the perfect artwork. A great designer has the ability to extract a client's wants and needs, discard the unnecessary data, wave a magic wand...and reveal a thoughtfully curated space. It is a bit like having a fairy godmother.

We like to share our talented designers with those in need of a little magic. Search our Designer Spotlights or Email us for a contact in your area. 

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Q + A | Violandi + Warner

Who are Violandi + Warner?

We love what we do and we pride ourselves on developing close and continuing client relationships. It all starts there. We listen to our clients, get to know them, and talk a lot about their lifestyle and how they see the space being used. We help create a room that makes their vision a reality. Their input is our most valuable tool, because this interchange of ideas is where creativity begins. We strive to make the process fun and high energy, with excitement and anticipation at every step.

What Inspires the Art you Choose?

Because we are located in a historic and scenic coastal village, we are drawn to Carol’s blue/green/sand palettes. So many of our clients’ homes have water views - marsh, river, or ocean.

We strive to dissolve the barrier between nature’s beauty and serenity in our interiors, selecting paintings that echo the exterior vistas and ambiance.  That we can order a custom-size piece of art to fit a particular space is a bonus, as is the availability of a beautiful frame selection.


Favorite Room to Design?

Homes exist for families and social interactions of all kinds and so we love the idea of open, flowing spaces, and the kitchen/dining/family room is our favorite. It is the natural gathering place for families, friends and pets and our goal is to make this an inviting, totally comfortable, unpretentiously beautiful space.  The look should be fresh, while also incorporating pieces that are important reminders of family tradition.

Describe the ideal project...

Tough to answer but possibly our favorite type of design project is when we work with a client & architect partnership starting from the ground up. At this point a small decision can make a big impact on the end design. This is so exciting because the slate is clean, the ideas are flowing and the excitement is palpable. But the greatest joy is seeing all the dreams, expectations and ideas, (good, sometimes off-beat and occasionally just plain wild) come together to create the desired blend of comfort, style and beauty.

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Q+A | Leedy Interiors

Benson-Cobb's work is highlighted in a few of our favorite spaces created by the talented team of Sarah and Stephanie at Leedy Interiors.

From finishes to furniture, art, and accessory procurement, their skilled team delivers comfort, functionality and beauty to all of their projects.

 It's no wonder their clients sing their praises.  



Designers:  Stephanie Alegre + Sarah Dooley

What separates you from other designers in your area?


"We never push our design style on our clients. At LI, we believe that homes should reflect the homeowner, and how they live within their home. We have a thorough on-boarding process to really get to know and understand our clients- what they love, how they live, and how they envision their future in their home, integrating the unique stories of our clients into every space we design. The end result is a culmination of our clients personalities shining through, along with our expertise and vision.


Our passion for original interiors, exceptional attention to detail, and professionalism set us apart from other firms in our area."

Photo credit:  Paul S. Bartholomew

What is your favorite room or location in the home to design and why?


"If we had to pick just one, it would be the family room. This is a space where family and friends come together to enjoy true quality time. We all need this now more than ever."

Install featuring "Enigma"

Do you have a favorite Benson-Cobb painting?    "After the Storm!  It's moody, serene, cool, warm, rich, and neutral, all in one!"

"After the Storm" and diptych of "Ink Wash"

"Dune Textile No. 1"

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Q+A | Elizabeth Gullett

A couple of weeks ago we started our Designer Spotlight Series and were sadly brought to a halt with the devastating events of COVID-19.


Now, finding the new normal dominates our daily tasks and so what better way to define the "new norm" than to get right back on the horse.  With that, we proudly pick back up and celebrate those that make the world a better and more beautiful place.


Welcome back to our Designer Spotlight Series...where we share some of our favorite installations with a little glimpse behind the curtain...


This week we are excited to showcase our favorite spaces created by the talented Elizabeth Gullett Interior Design.



Designer:  Elizabeth Gullett

Elizabeth talks...


What is your favorite room or location in the home to design and why?

Bedrooms are my favorite room to design as it's so satisfying to create soothing, relaxing havens. It's usually the "softest" room in the home, and I love creating that feeling. Plus I love sleep, so that's probably a factor!


What separates you from other designers in you area?

I really try to get into my client's soul, as cheesy as it sounds. Their house needs to look like them, not me-so I try my best to be a chameleon of design and interpret their dreams in the most stylish ways. But every home must have a fresh spark, and that is my signature.  


Do you have a favorite Benson-Cobb painting? If so, which one and why?

I love Carol's art, because it too, can be a chameleon. Whether I need a crisp punch to make an exclamation mark in a room, or I need a soothing background piece with muted hues, Carol has painted it. Plus the size customization is amazing, and allows me to fit the space perfectly.


Install featuring  "Dune"


Install featuring a massive custom diptych of "Daybreak"

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Q+A | JK Interiors

We are so fortunate to work with many talented interior designers across the U.S. As an artist, I have really learned to appreciate the role of the designer. They truly become an extension of the studio, learning our creative formula and how to work within our abilities...sometimes taking us beyond what we thought our abilities were.


Welcome to our Designer Spotlight Series...where we share some of our favorite installations with a glimpse behind the curtain...

J K   I N T E R I O R   L I V I N G



Q & A with Julie...

What is your favorite room or location in the home to design & why?

I absolutely love designing living rooms. Next to the kitchen, it's the most enjoyed room in the home. I love mixing elements of both comfort and style, and it's something I thread into each and every space I design. The durable yet comfortable materials and serene tones I select are pivotal in creating a warm and inviting space for my clients to come home and relax. For a living room, there is absolutely no other goal!


What separates you from other designers in your area?

The tones I gravitate toward tend to be on the more neutral and simpler side. I'm definitely a less is more kind of girl and have a particular love for the art of the edit. I try and avoid clutter whenever possible, as I think it can unintentionally create stressful environments. When my clients come home, they know it's time to relax.


Do you have a favorite Benson-Cobb piece? If so, which one and why?

I cannot choose which is my favorite Benson-Cobb painting! They all encapsulate the feelings of calm and tranquility, and speak to me in a way that only art can.  

JK Interior Living install featuring "The Strand" on canvas. 

Install featuring Benson-Cobb's "Plateau" and "Anonymity", framed in acrylic.

Install featuring "Haze Reflected", adding a hint of gray plums. 

Install featuring "Passage" on canvas.

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