The Derivative 60x35 | Signed Artist's Proof Reproduction Canvas

Select Type: Signed Artist's Proof | Reproduction Canvas
Select Size: 60x35
Select Frame Finish: Signed Artist's Proof | Unframed Canvas
Art: "The Derivative"  | Signed Artist's Proof (signed on the back of the stretcher bar). 
Description: "The Derivative" was originally released as a licensed work under John-Richard. The reproduction has been out of circulation, this is the original test print. The canvas is a unique combination of layering paint with text layers. If you read the text closely it is the copyright law. There are a few pieces with the law layered in as an expression of frustration as several of my works have been knocked-off by large print companies over the years. 


Type: Reproduction Canvas 
Canvas Dimensions: 60x35"
Frame Finish: unframed canvas on 1.75" stretcher bars.