The Creative Process | Original, Mixed Media, + Reproductions

The Creative Process | Original, Mixed Media, + Reproductions

What makes the artwork unique? 

"I developed my niche by offering an unusual level of customization. This ability and desire to edit or enhance color, to mold the art to the buyer's needs is ultimately what I feel makes my artwork desirable, especially within the design industry. My innovative methods were developed organically, through years of working with clients and their needs,  as well as listening to my creative drive."

Benson-Cobb's canvas work breaks down into three categories. Original, Mixed Media, or Reproductions. 

Original paintings are truly one-of-a-kind paintings. Most of Benson-Cobb's originals are large scaled acrylics on canvas or board. 

The alternative to a true original work (and price point) is Benson-Cobb's Mixed Media Canvas.

"The word Mixed Media (as traditionally defined in the art world) means creating using multiple artistic media, such as pen and ink, chalk, and graphite, used in combination. I felt the term was the best way to describe my methods of customization.

My Mixed Media Original (aka MMO) is a customized, signed canvas. Unlike solvent reproductions, the Mixed Medias are printed on an aqueous printer. The water based inks allow for additional paint to be added, creating a unique, signed and numbered canvas."


All Mixed Media works are signed and stamped with an authenticity tag.

Any artwork can be ordered as a Mixed Media.