Steph Curry by way of Williams-Sonoma Home

Steph Curry by way of Williams-Sonoma Home

Williams-Sonoma Home first sampled my works back in 2014. I struggled quite a bit with the notion of selling to the large retailers. I have gone with my gut in most of my decisions...sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn't. This particular decision has turned out to be one of my better choices. I think the knee jerk reaction of most people is "how could I not sell to them"? I look at my artwork as both an artist and as a business.

As an artist, you are always walking on the proverbial eggshells of protecting the value of your work. You have to consider the long haul and how to have longevity. Selling to large companies and to the masses can be the kiss of death to an artist in the traditional art world...well, luckily...I never was in the traditional art world, so I had that going for me.

As an "artist in business"  my gut told me "hey,  I love Williams-Sonoma and...I shop there!" Being buyer friendly can go a long way. I think selling in the traditional art world can exclude buyers and artists in a way that is quite intimidating. 

On that note...Steph Curry's home was featured by Williams-Sonoma Home in print and social media. Better Homes & Garden also featured the home with several pieces lurking in the background. I am sure I am going to hear about this next comment... so feel my hesitation for blogging, sorry in advance...I had no idea who Steph Curry was at the time. Did I mention I am an artist and a workaholic who does not follow sports? 

Williams-Sonoma Home currently carries a selection of canvas as well as matted prints. 

Photography: Williams-Sonoma Home