Art + Movies


It just happens...the art shows up in a lot of unexpected places. Over the years we have signed off on several movie releases from Serenity (being shredded into pieces by squirrels) in Alvin & The Chipmunks Road Chip to Driven in The Accountant, staring Ben Affleck.  Apparently the art looks good on camera...


Canyon's Edge canvas in a 72x24" is hanging out behind Jennifer Garner for quite a while in Love Simon. 

 In one rare binge watching week we decided to catch up on all of the Academy Award nominees...and there it was. There is usually such a delay from signing art releases to the movies actually coming out...we scrambled through releases I signed and there it was, Lady Bird! The canvas was properly renamed after the movie. Ironically or maybe they selected it on purpose...the artwork does have a bit of a bird image within the textile design.  


 The Accountant with Ben Affleck is probably my most exciting so have Driven hang in the same movie that Jackson Pollock is referenced, honored to say the least. Watch for the diptych in John Lithgow's modern home. 


 We of course can't forget the shredding of "Serenity" in Alvin + the Chipmunks...

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