Project Property Brothers + Benson-Cobb

Project Property Brothers + Benson-Cobb

We get to do some incredible projects, usually only seeing the final results on social media install shots. It is quite humbling to work with such talented designers... With that, we also get to do some crazy in point: Property Brothers Buying + Selling. 

When "The Boys" first came to us we were like "huh"? Keep in mind this was quite a few years ago, so although a little shocking at the time, they did not have the Hollywood status they have now. We realized back then it is a game of sourcing for the show and I think most companies tend to reluctantly lend product…well, give never see it again. You may get a little shout out here and there on social media and on the HGTV website but It costs companies time and money for little in return. We looked at it a little differently... It was/ is almost a much needed work out intended to stretch our muscles both creatively and manufacturing wise.

The deadlines are brutal... "hey, can you ship all custom pieces for this episode install in like 5 days?" is usually how they roll.  I have found it to be a challenge, meaning I am an over achiever...meaning we play the game to win. I create, we build, we ship....and bam, we hit the install date! I do believe it scratches a competitive itch.

The funniest part is the look on my team's faces when we get an episode request. The irony, I don't think I have caught one show until a few nights ago. I realize there is this "thing" called On can actually watch anything ...anytime. I discovered it last night and watched my first episode. Season 7 episode 17, bless this poor guy's heart for getting rid of those bookcases...


Haze No. I + Haze No. II on canvas in our sterling float frames. 


Custom Balance Textile canvases in ebony float frames.

Benson-Cobb + Property Brothers install

The lovely Victoria Tonelli (who we love working with) in a PB sandwich flanked by Echo in a hand-torn paper (right) and Balance Textiles on canvas (left).