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In today's episode of the podcast, I'm talking with the very successful American abstract painter @bensoncobbstudios based in Dallas Texas. Self taught, Carol Benson-Cobb’s art career started in her teens painting portraits for mates. Since that time, she has carved a highly commercial niche for herself through embracing new technologies, enabling her to specialise in scaled gallery quality art. Carol's savvy business nouse has seen her create custom collections for major national retailers, as well as expanding her art into multiple product categories through brand partnerships and licensing opportunities. She has multiple celebrity clients including the likes of Tyra Banks and Toby Maguire! Her amazing story inside this episode includes the following insights: ▪️How she significantly scaled up her art production, while maintaining gallery quality ▪️But the quandary she found herself in to maintain collectable value, while mass producing, when famous designer Holly Hunt bought originals ▪️The fortunate & self made events that changed the path of her career as an artist ▪️How hunger for sales can drive and change your product to market fit ▪️The value that licensing your art/design/copyright can bring – and her main tips on the pros and pitfalls and what to look for when considering a licensing agreement or brand partnership ▪️Which web platform was a game changer for her highly customisable product; streamlining and fast tracking their product to market processes What it's like seeing your art appear on amazing shows like #Big Little Lies! And heaps more. 🎧 Tune in on iTunes and Spotify. ✨✨✨ #bensoncobb #podcast #artist #artpodcast #perthpodcast #perthbusinesswomen #businesscoach #productbusiness

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