A Day in the Life...


Our life is oddly peaceful. We live just 15 minutes from the studio and design district in Oak Cliff. Each day I get to kiss the view of the Trinity River and the incredible new bridges on my way to work.

I can finally step back and look around at what these past 10 years has cultivated and I can clearly see the business of my dreams. It has slowly been etched and chiseled with blood, sweat, sheer determination, and sleepless nights. To think this spark truly started as a fifteen year old selling rock star portraits for like $10. Thank you to my punk rock days and the spark that that was ignited in me. 

I am often asked what is a day in the life like… It is truly a routine of collecting creative ideas, a lot of coffee, problem solving, multi-tasking… while feeling like you are completing very little. We joke that we blink and it is a new day, at least it feels that way.

With the inability to detach from the daily problem solving and manufacturing issues,  I generally paint on the weekends or after hours. Loud music and solitude is a requirement to get my mojo…which typically does not work well with the neighbors, or my team...I've learned to adapt and wear headphones....I do find myself incredibly thankful. Thankful for my awesome crew, my clients, and of course my family. Although it is long days and mountains of hard work, I can not imagine my life in any other form. 




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