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The story of Apertures...

I have pressing deadlines at every corner I turn,  but somehow I do not seem to be able to adjust my habits to comfortably meet those calendar deadlines. The deadlines are not new...they don't sneak up on me or anything. I just don't look at clocks...or the days of the week for that matter. It all blends together, rolling into the next. 

Some people will say I just need the pressure in order to produce. There is truth in that, but I also think it is a weird, maybe creative-induced glitch.  Either way, my purpose in writing about this glitch is to relay how new concepts emerge...usually in those late nights,  under extreme pressure. 

I have been playing with layering of my work within my work. The concept is using my original paintings, printing, painting on that print, printing again, adding a section of another painting, printing, get the idea.

I started dabbling with this years ago but felt it was not a "pure" process....meaning I wasn't sure how to explain it, catalog it, or price the final results. Is the end result that gets digitized considered an original work or a mixed media? 

Apertures is the 2nd work released under this creative formula. If you look closely you may find the relationship between Apertures and In Pieces.  



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