Q+A | Elizabeth Gullett

A couple of weeks ago we started our Designer Spotlight Series and were sadly brought to a halt with the devastating events of COVID-19.


Now, finding the new normal dominates our daily tasks and so what better way to define the "new norm" than to get right back on the horse.  With that, we proudly pick back up and celebrate those that make the world a better and more beautiful place.


Welcome back to our Designer Spotlight Series...where we share some of our favorite installations with a little glimpse behind the curtain...


This week we are excited to showcase our favorite spaces created by the talented Elizabeth Gullett Interior Design.



Designer:  Elizabeth Gullett

Elizabeth talks...


What is your favorite room or location in the home to design and why?

Bedrooms are my favorite room to design as it's so satisfying to create soothing, relaxing havens. It's usually the "softest" room in the home, and I love creating that feeling. Plus I love sleep, so that's probably a factor!


What separates you from other designers in you area?

I really try to get into my client's soul, as cheesy as it sounds. Their house needs to look like them, not me-so I try my best to be a chameleon of design and interpret their dreams in the most stylish ways. But every home must have a fresh spark, and that is my signature.  


Do you have a favorite Benson-Cobb painting? If so, which one and why?

I love Carol's art, because it too, can be a chameleon. Whether I need a crisp punch to make an exclamation mark in a room, or I need a soothing background piece with muted hues, Carol has painted it. Plus the size customization is amazing, and allows me to fit the space perfectly.


Install featuring  "Dune"


Install featuring a massive custom diptych of "Daybreak"