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We are so fortunate to work with many talented interior designers across the U.S. As an artist, I have really learned to appreciate the role of the designer. They truly become an extension of the studio, learning our creative formula and how to work within our abilities...sometimes taking us beyond what we thought our abilities were.


Welcome to our Designer Spotlight Series...where we share some of our favorite installations with a glimpse behind the curtain...

J K   I N T E R I O R   L I V I N G



Q & A with Julie...

What is your favorite room or location in the home to design & why?

I absolutely love designing living rooms. Next to the kitchen, it's the most enjoyed room in the home. I love mixing elements of both comfort and style, and it's something I thread into each and every space I design. The durable yet comfortable materials and serene tones I select are pivotal in creating a warm and inviting space for my clients to come home and relax. For a living room, there is absolutely no other goal!


What separates you from other designers in your area?

The tones I gravitate toward tend to be on the more neutral and simpler side. I'm definitely a less is more kind of girl and have a particular love for the art of the edit. I try and avoid clutter whenever possible, as I think it can unintentionally create stressful environments. When my clients come home, they know it's time to relax.


Do you have a favorite Benson-Cobb piece? If so, which one and why?

I cannot choose which is my favorite Benson-Cobb painting! They all encapsulate the feelings of calm and tranquility, and speak to me in a way that only art can.  

JK Interior Living install featuring "The Strand" on canvas. 

Install featuring Benson-Cobb's "Plateau" and "Anonymity", framed in acrylic.

Install featuring "Haze Reflected", adding a hint of gray plums. 

Install featuring "Passage" on canvas.