Property Brothers Celebrity I.O.U.

Property Brothers Celebrity I.O.U.

We have kept these Celebrity I.O.U. episodes under wraps for some time. We were sent mock-ups and asked to customize selected pieces for the specific spaces. It was not easy keeping the install shots under wraps...but we did! 

The art was used for episodes including Viola Davis, Jeremy Renner and Michael Bublé.  As each episode airs, we will be adding the install shots. 

The Viola Davis episode airs Monday HGTV April 27th 8pm CST - the install features Ocean's Reflected in Blush and Promontory in a custom diptych. 


The Michael Bublé episode aired May 4th featuring two new releases, Sublime and In Pieces. Both canvases are framed in ebony. 

In Pieces is also available through Neiman Marcus as a reproduction or as a signed Mixed Media.